Guidelines for authors

Authors are kindly asked to submit their articles in electronic format, either on a CD or as an e-mail attachment.

Text formatting

  • use the “Tab” key to indent new paragraph (not the space bar);
  • comma, full stop, colon and semicolon are followed by space;
  • do not split words; do not divide words at the end of a line;
  • preferably use parentheses;
  • quotations set off by quotation marks, but do not use italics for them;
  • for primary quotations (Latin and Greek) use italics without quotation marks;
  • use italics for names of literary works, books, etc.
  • when submitting an article or any other text to be published, send it as one file, including notes, comments etc. (i.e. do not send notes in a separate file)
  • do not use parentheses to index the notes (i.e. use just e.g. ...3)
  • use the “Tab” key to indent paragraphs (i.e. not the space bar)


  • use normal font for titles;
  • on new line follows the author’s name with his/her institution in parentheses;
  • every article must have an abstract in English, including its title in English, and a list of key words in English and in Czech;
  • every article must include bibliography, author’s affiliation and his/her contact address and email;
  • max. length is 18 standard pages (incl. résumé), i.e. approx. 32,400 characters (incl. notes).


  • the title as follows:
    Eva  Kuťáková - Václav Marek - Jana Zachová,  Moudrost věků. Lexikon latinských přísloví, citátů a rčeníPraha: Svoboda 1988. 660 s. 
  • under the review right aligned follows the author’s name with his/her institution in parentheses;
  • max. length is 5 standard pages, i.e. approx. 9,000 characters.